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March 18, 2015:  (Tampa, FL), E-Cigarette Industry Lobbying Efforts in Florida Bolstered by Addition of Statewide Organization

VISTA Truth, Inc. (VISTA) is pleased to announce the addition of the Florida Smoke Free Association (FSFA) as a VISTA member in furtherance of efforts to proactively lobby at the state level in Florida for business rights, oppose legislation that would be harmful to the industry, and promote a free and open vaping industry market for adults throughout the state that support tobacco harm reduction efforts.

“Today, we have taken a great leap forward in protecting business rights in the State of Florida.  Together with the FSFA and existing members in the state, we will continue to work towards common sense legislation that will allow Florida businesses to continue to provide adult Floridians currently using electronic cigarettes, and those still using tobacco, a better alternative to traditional tobacco products.” said VISTA President Kevin E. Skipper.

“On behalf of the FSFA and our members, we are pleased to join VISTA, an organization that has been fighting for the rights of the vaping industry in Florida for nearly a year in Tallahassee.  This move, along with future planned efforts of the FSFA, greatly advances our goal of creating a smoke-free Florida.” said FSFA Vice-President Jordan D’Alessio.

October 1, 2014:  (Nashville, TN) VISTA Truth, Inc. hires Tennessee Lobbyists

E-Cigarette Industry poised to protect jobs and industry

VISTA Truth, Inc. (VISTA) is proud to announce the hiring of lobbyists in a second state to protect the rights of vaping industry wholesalers and retailers of products commonly known as e-cigarettes. In April, 2014, VISTA retained the services of Capitol Access, a Tallahassee, FL based lobbying group and had immediate success clarifying legislation so that online sales of e-liquid were not banned in Florida, but that sales of e-cigarettes and e-liquid were made illegal to those under the age of 18, as well as instituting signage requirements in physical stores where vaping supplies are sold.

“I am proud to announce that we have engaged Bass, Berry & Sims PLC in Nashville, Tennessee to protect the rights of e-cigarette manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Tennessee,” said VISTA President Kevin E. Skipper. “There is a lot of misinformation about the vaping industry, and VISTA will ensure that the rights of our members are heard at the Tennessee Capitol.”

VISTA has hired Richard Lodge Erica Bell Vick at Bass, Berry & Sims. Mr. Lodge and Ms. Vick combined have more than 30 years of experience representing business clients in Tennessee.

“I am proud to represent the emerging electronic cigarette industry and look forward to working with VISTA,” said Lodge. “Our goal is to ensure that these innovative companies flourish in Tennessee without unwarranted governmental intrusion.”

VISTA has one member from Tennessee as of October 1, 2014 – the Tennessee Smoke Free Association.  If you are a vaping industry business located in Tennessee and wanr more information on joining VISTA, please contact us.

June 14, 2014: I am happy to report that Gov. Scott signed SB 224 yesterday which prohibits the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors in Florida. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Lizbeth Benaquisto and Rep. Frank Artilles. VISTA (Vaping Industry Strategic Truth Alliance) would like to thank them and the governor for their work protecting children.

VISTA is an alliance of Vaping industry retailers and wholesalers who support this restriction. This bill could have had many more restrictions that would have crippled our industry costing thousands of jobs in Florida. Through a pro-active approach, VISTA hired Capitol Access, a Tallahassee-based lobbying firm, to ensure that our rights to conduct business is protected.

We were successful in having our press release supporting this measure read by Rep. Artilles on the House floor.

Our work is not done, however. Opponents of our industry have vowed to come back next year with more restrictions that could be devastating to our industry and your business.

Join VISTA to protect your right to conduct business!

Kevin E. Skipper, President

VISTA Truth, Inc. (A THR Non-Profit)

April 24, 2014:  VISTA Truth’s Board of Directors, via President Kevin E. Skipper, has issued the following statement regarding the FDA announcement of the proposed ecigarette deeming regulations:

“Today the U.S. Food & Drug Administration made history by potentially regressing an industry that has worked diligently over the past several years to offer tobacco users a viable alternative to the proven lethality of tobacco products. While VISTA supports a ban of the sale and use of nicotine delivery devices to minors, this proposed increased regulation, and the classification of electronic nicotine delivery devices as tobacco products, will stifle technological advances, severely diminish, or completely eliminate in some instances, the ability of small to medium sized vaping businesses to continue to operate. This is a blow to the already struggling U.S. economy by eliminating much needed jobs and reducing sales tax revenues collected, thereby harming state and local governments.”