VISTA is a newly formed non-profit (April 2014) that will be funded by vaping industry businesses with a primary goal of raising the necessary monies to hire lobbyists in every state to proactively advocate for our business rights. The goal is to establish relationships with elected officials in every state, and help to educate them so they can make informed decisions based in truth, and not on bad information, which is happening daily at present, and WILL negatively impact our businesses.

This will allow us, the business owners, to have a voice in laws that affect our ability continue to do, and shape the manner in which we conduct, business. Our approach is one of truth, common sense legislation, and good business practices.

Please spread the word to fellow vaping related business owners as well. Individually, we can not accomplish much; united, we can help shape the industry and protect our rights in each state…before it’s too late.