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MISSION STATEMENT & GOAL:  Vaping Industry Strategic Truth Alliance (VISTA Truth, Inc.) is a nationwide non-profit corporation formed in April 2014 that supports and advocates, on a state by state level, for the rights of retailers and wholesalers (both online and traditional) in the United States who offer less harmful alternative nicotine delivery devices to adult consumers instead of proven lethal tobacco products.  Our goal is to have a professional lobbying firm in every state capitol; we will accomplish this by an alliance of vendor members, organizations, and individuals.


January 7, 2016 – Tampa, FL

Kevin E. Skipper, President of VISTA Truth, Inc., a Florida based nationwide non-profit for the advancement of the vaping industry at the state level, issued the following statement:

“Florida’s 60-day Legislative Session begins next Tuesday, January 12, 2016.  Yesterday, Rep. Shawn Harrison filed HB 1143, which would amend the definition of “smoking” in Florida’s existing Clean Indoor Air Act to include “inhaling, exhaling, carrying, or possessing a nicotine dispensing device”.

Rep. Harrison, an attorney in Tampa elected to the House in 2014, had not previously spoken publicly on this topic and had not signaled his intention to file such a bill. VISTA’s lobbying team is corresponding with him and his office to learn more of his intentions.

We will attempt to work with the Representative on these matters.  We will point out that there is no “smoke” in vapor and that going down this slippery slope would be detrimental to the public health of Floridians who have switched, or may at some point in the future switch, to vapor products as a viable alternative to lethal combustible tobacco.  We will call on him and all members of the Legislature to proceed cautiously in this field and particularly only after considering all of the facts and medical science.  Indications are that vapor products are 95% less harmful to users than combustible tobacco, and that the vapor emitted poses no threat to bystanders, unlike toxic second hand smoke.

VISTA and the Florida Smoke Free Association (FSFA) will keep you informed as we move forward over the coming days and weeks regarding this and other proposed legislation.”

Link to the proposed bill:



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